Mediation is an extrajudicial proceeding, where a conflict - either concerning business or family (or either a combination) – will be resolved by a mediator in application of accepted methods. Due to the forward-looking character mediation is an excellent procedure in all kinds of fields where further contact is necessary, as

  • Family Conflicts (particularly divorce etc.)
  • Probate Disputes
  • Conflicts in Neighbourhoods
  • Conflicts concerning Labour Law
  • Conflicts concerning Tenancy Law and Residential Property Law
  • Conflicts concerning Business (e.g. in bearing up business relations or in cases where a quick conflict resolution is required, as in proceedings in Building Law)
  • Environmental Conflicts
A specific form of mediation is the so-called Co-Mediation, which Mag. Susanne Lederer (as a sanitary psychologist, and I practise together since 20 years now. As we are accredited by the Austrian Ministry as Co-mediators-team there is also the opportunity to get a government aid when making use of mediation in the field of family law.