A law firm is also a service centre! An attorney at law is a counsellor-at-law who is on YOUR side! He is sworn to secrecy!

An attorney at law helps you to enforce your justifiable requests before or out of courts. He gives advice if legal proceedings are reasonable in your individual case. He also can help you to avoid dispute in order to save time and expenses.

Due to existing statutory conduct rules, qualified education and daily experience you will receive personal attention and optimal advice in all fields of law.

Request information BEFORE – which is empirically far cheaper than a subsequent dispute!

My office provides services particularly in these legal fields:

  • Representation before all Courts and Administrative Agencies
  • Contracts of Purchase and Trusteeships
  • Lease Contracts and Tenancy Agreements
  • Condominium
  • Donation and Delivery
  • Health care proxy, Living will, Solocitor
  • Family law, Divorce
  • Marriage Contracts, Divorce Settlements and Contracts between Partners (Contracts in Family Law)
  • Last Wills, Testaments and Probate Proceedings
  • Neighborhood issues
  • Association Foundation and Amendment of the Statutes
  • Matters concerning Cadastral or Commercial Register (digital notes)
  • Legal Advice
  • Criminal Defense
  • Mediation (
  • Co-Mediation (